Hi, I'm Mike Saif.

I'm the owner and president of WORLD CLASS COACHING, a company that provides coaching and training material for soccer coaches.

Originally from England, I came to the U.S. in 1991 as a soccer coach.  I coached competitive club teams in Kansas City.  Over the years, I won 12 State Championships and became the only coach from Kansas to win a USYS National Championship.  Many of my players went on to play college soccer.  Some played pro and two of them played for the U.S. U20 Women's National team.  But I have always been an entrepreneur at heart and in 1998 I started WORLD CLASS COACHING, selling a black and white printed newsletter to soccer coaches.

I had no idea how to sell a newsletter or run a small business, but I figured things out as I went along.

The Internet changed everything.

WORLD CLASS COACHING evolved over time.  The black and white newsletter became a color magazine, then we started selling books and videos (VHS tapes back then).  Then with the arrival of the internet, we started selling eBooks, DVD's and online videos.

But the biggest change came in 2012.  By this time the internet had become faster and software more powerful and capable of just about anything.

Over the next few years, I learned how to automate much of my business, increase sales and revenue...all while spending less time at my desk.  The changes were astounding.

So I decided to share what I learned.

Quite often I would find myself talking to owners of other small businesses and was surprised to learn that most of them were still doing business the old way.  They were missing out on sales and leaving revenue on the table.  Their profits were lower than they should be.

And the crazy thing is lots of them weren't even aware of it.

I could see there was a need.  Lots of small business owners were doing business the old way and didn't even know it.  So I decided I would offer to help and put them on the right track...and because of Covid, offer this for free.

My unique skill set also brought changes to my personal life.

Today, I spend the winters in Scottsdale, Arizona, and the summers in Lincoln, Nebraska, with my wife Mary Sue.  Although I enjoy my work, I now have enough time to spend on what I love...being outdoors, golfing, cycling, walking and fishing.  Our kids are grown, but our six grandkids are young enough to keep me active and on my toes.

I offer this free service and review to give me the fulfillment and the sense of accomplishment I need.

This is my soccer resources business - https://worldclasscoaching.com/

This is another business I was ready to launch with my partner, Mark Casey, right when Covid hit.  We are now evaluating when the right time to launch would be.  https://thewealthcreatorsnetwork.com/